How Much Money to Retire Header

At some stage of their life nearly everyone asks themselves the question “how much money to retire?” If you think you won’t have enough you’ll join the 96% Club! Many find that they’ll probably never have enough and will join the 96% of others who are in the same boat! The 96% Club.Read More ….

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Managing not Fearing Risk Aversion

Risk Calculator and Coins

All risk is scary! Affecting different people in different ways.With risk there is always a chance of a loss but also the opportunity of a gain. The problem is losses make us feel worse … so we fear them more! On one side we have the cliche “nothing ventured, nothing gained”. Offset by the other cliche […]

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56 Ways to Change Your Life After Fifty!

Life after 50

Some people wait their whole life to start living… don’t be one of them. If you’re past the big 50 feeling jaded and lifeless. Concerned about the world. Concerned about your world. Your finances, relationships, health or work… Reading this list should spark at least one change. Kick-start your life with a new challenge and then the […]

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