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What is ERP? – every enterprise has one

what is erp

I am often asked “what is ERP?” like it’s some new and unique way of operating – the panacea for all business problems. It is not … it’s just the latest marketing TLA (three letter acronym) for something that every business has!Read More ….

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What You Always Knew but Didn’t Admit About Your ERP Project

ERP project failure

Many Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) installations fail to meet their objectives.Some take far longer than planned, some cost a lot more than planned, others don’t deliver the expected benefits and others don’t deliver the expected returns. Or a combination of these.Read More ….

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ERP Project Failure in Manufacturing Companies

ERP Implementation Failure

ERP project failure is often seen as a computer system failure … it’s not. In the context of an assignment I’m often asked the question “do you know SageX3, or Epicor, or Netsuite, or SAP B1, or Microsoft Dynamics or whatever system?” What for?  When implementing an ERP system into a manufacturing environment this is irrelevant.Read […]

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